While indigenous masons, carpenters, tillers and site labourers are ageing and gradually going into extinction, thousands of youths interested in the art of building from neighbouring African countries are turning Nigeria into a Mecca.
This is at a time when unemployment is tearing the fabric of our existence as a nation. While millions of jobs in the art of building-construction are begging for attention of skilled youths, Nigerian teens and youths are getting more involved in horrifying crimes in their bid to get rich quick.
Though diversification might have succeed in providing jobs for a relatively large percentage of Nigerians, lack of proper record on the number of unemployed youths which has made planning difficult and the uncoordinated employment programs of the various arms of governments in Nigeria have been identified has the bedrock of our unemployment problem.
Coupled with the above is the fact that employers of labour, education providers and youths often live in parallel universes and do not sufficiently engage with each other.
It is sad to note that research works which have cost government millions of Naira and could have succeeded in ensuring jobs for thousands of Nigerian youths are today covered with dust in various research centers and institutions of higher learning.
Recent release by the National Bureau of Statistics revealed that the unemployment figures in rural areas are greater than what we have in the urban cities.
This state of affair portends a frightening time bomb.
To reduce violent crimes such as; cybercrime, kidnapping and other more terrifying crimes, there is urgent need for the country to plan more for its teeming unemployed youths.


Using Shelter Watch Initiative retrained building construction artisans to empower Nigerian youths and ensuring jobs for the retrained building artisans/ youths through the establishment of Job Centers.


To reduce incursion of building construction artisans from neighbouring African countries by encouraging Nigerian youths to take over from the ageing artisans through proper imbuement of Nigerian youths with relevant job skills (technical, entrepreneurial and employability) and establishment of Job Centers as strategic instrument for the reduction of unemployment and underemployment in the Nigeria.


the subsector of the building construction industry is the highest employer of labour all over the world, realizing the above and the alarming rate at which building construction artisans from neighbouring African countries are fast taking over from local artisans because of their poor performance and attitude coupled with the apathy of Nigerian youths towards the trades, Shelter Watch Initiative, an offshoot of the first television program on the building construction industry was formed by prominent professionals in the built environment and a broadcaster to retrain local building artisans and establish a bridge between the retrained ageing artisans and Nigerian youths.